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Have you always wanted to have a beautiful commercial landscape in your business? Our premier San Diego landscapers and designers can make that happen.

We work with our clients during their project planning process, ensuring they get the most out of every area we design for them.

In addition, we offer consultation on how best to use available resources while staying within budget constraints too – no matter what size job is needed (or if it’s just one small detail).

If you have a vision for your business environment and need help turning it into something more than average, then call San Diego Landscaping & Synthetic Turf. We’re ready to work with all of our customers’ design needs so they can enjoy their new landscape.

What are Landscape commercial services?

Commercial landscaping is a business that involves the planning and designing of aesthetically appealing outdoor spaces.

It’s been proven to increase output by workers; attract more clients for your company by offerings beautiful working environment you’ve created with them; along-side creating an improved sense atmosphere where employees can be healthier.

San Diego Landscaping and Synthetic Turf are committed to providing you with outstanding customer service, innovative problem solving as well as high-quality workmanship in landscape commercial services.

We know that our commitment will attract people who want value for their property by employing the latest technologies. We also perform retrofits alongside enhancements which means there’s no job too big or small in landscape commercial services. We do not specialize in landscape maintenance services.

San Diego Landscaping and Synthetic Turf are the eyes, ears, and hands of your site. We’ll provide designs to set up your space from weeds while also providing complete care for all outdoor spaces including fire safety artificial turf and plants.

Commercial landscape design services in San Diego county

  • Commercial landscape design and installation
  • Synthetic lawn installation

San Diego County commercial service areas:

  • Scripps Ranch
  • La Mesa
  • Santee
  • El Cajon
  • La Jolla
  • Solana Beach
  • Rancho Santa Fe
  • Rancho Bernardo
  • Poway
  • Pacific Beach
  • San Marcos
  • Escondido
  • Coronado
  • Del Mar
  • Carlsbad
  • Chula Vista

Outside of these areas please contact us directly as we do serve the greater San Diego area for commerical landscaping services and drought safe turf and irrigation plans.


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Commercial Installation Services in San Diego county

We’re proud to provide high-quality landscape installations for all your installation needs. We specialize in commercial projects by using our general contracting team so you can be sure that we have got it covered no matter what type of project or area is being serviced by our company.

We take pride in our work and want you to be satisfied with the end result. San Diego Landscaping & Synthetic Turf will guarantee any new installations so that your business and commercial space continues looking beautiful for years to come.

Renovations and Enhancements Services in San Diego county

We know that landscape renovations and enhancements should improve the appearance of your property. We also believe a good enhancement could help reduce long-term costs while including sustainable elements into our designs for you and your customers in the San Diego community.

In the landscaping business we take pride in providing our customers with innovative solutions and creative designs for their landscaping needs. With computer imagery, we can show you a myriad of possibilities to make sure that the next project will be just right.

Landscape Design Services in San Diego county

When you’re looking for ways to improve your property, it can be difficult to know what changes will have the biggest impact. Our team of landscaping professionals helps visualize ideas and make them a reality so that we may bring smiles to our clients’ faces. We’re committed to putting together our commercial landscape projects in a professional manner to create beautiful environments for businesses of all types and sizes.

What is the purpose of landscaping?

Landscaping can be defined as the art of making beautiful and well-wind natural scenery. It involves designing landscapes for aesthetic purposes, to improve property value, or just because one likes how it looks from their house. The reason why people do this is different but there are some common goals that everyone should have when creating a nice garden:

The most important thing in any outdoor space you design will always come back into focus; human health. Landscaped areas need fresh air circulation which helps with breathing problems while also providing shade from harsh sunlight during hot summer days.

This means less strain on our eyesight by preventing UV rays from hitting them directly without protection (and causing aging). Other reasons why you might want landscaped areas, including aesthetics (landscape), adding environmental benefits like clean air by reducing pollution from cars; reduction of wear and tear on buildings because they’re not walking through grasses all day long- but these don’t even compare with how much better off plants can make us feel.

Why is landscaping important for your businesses?

The importance of landscaping for your business cannot be overstated. Not only does it add an aesthetic appeal that will help you draw in potential customers, but also by adding more greenery and green areas around the outside. There is no doubt people feel better when they’re looking at them.

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What are the 4 elements of landscape design?

The four major elements that go into landscape design are:

  1. Color
  2. Texture
  3. Form and 
  4. Rhythm. 

These can be seen in many things such as flowers or trees. They’re what give your business environment its unique look. One way to create more interest out land is by using interesting rock formations. Retaining walls and water features are also powerful ways to increase aesthetic design of a space.

What are the five basic landscaping design principles?

The five basic landscaping design principles include:

  1. Proportion
  2. Balance
  3. Contrast and harmony
  4. Color
  5. Repetition


Proportion is not just about how an object looks next to another, but also the relationship between all elements in landscape design. It’s important that every part has correct proportions so they’re unequal yet still work together well as one cohesive unit – this will create balance and harmony among everything you do.


To find the perfect balance, one must first understand what it means. It’s not just about having an even number of matching pairs. There are two types of balances that can be found in nature: symmetrical and asymmetrical ones.

  • Symmetrical: All landscapes should have a sense of balance. This is the case with Symmetrical Balance, where both sides are identical and one side facing outward towards nature while another looks back at yourself in your home or office space. It’s as if you’re standing on two feet looking out into nothingness.
  • Asymmetrical: The landscape composition in Asymmetrical Balance is balanced using diverse elements and objects with nearly identical imaginary weight.


Landscape design should be a visual experience that takes into account the four different seasons. It’s important to incorporate colors, like flowers and plants in varying hues. But also make sure you have vegetation such as evergreens or conifers for wintertime blues.

Contrast and harmony

The contrast between light and dark helps highlight certain elements in your design, while harmony helps landscape compositions look more unified.

The contrast between two elements in the art can be a powerful way to draw attention. The more intense the difference, meaning that it is either dark or light on one side and bright with an accent color placed next door makes for harmony when they’re both used together as well.


Repetition is a great way to create unity in your garden. It’s even better if you can repeat some of the same elements, giving it different expressions with every repetition.

Repetition is a great way to create unity in your garden. It’s even better if you can repeat some of the same elements, giving it different expressions with every repetition.

What are the advantages of landscaping services?

Landscaping not only adds structure and order to a landscape but also provides many advantages. Some of the advantages are:

  1. Landscape design helps establish the mood of your property and can make it feel more inviting
  2. Garden ornamentation adds beauty to any space.
  3. It enhances its functionality by providing hiding places for kids or bird feeders that encourage wildlife into this open environment. 
  4. Since flowers need plenty of time before they bloom naturally due to differences between seasons–manmade planting provides stability against harsh weather conditions.
  5. Homeowners should consider sprucing up their property before selling it in order to improve its image and increase its value. In addition, by making sure that there are no long-term water damages you will prevent further problems from occurring which could cost more later on.
  6. The best way to make your office more enjoyable and engaging is by adding landscaping. It’s not just about the physical benefits, but also how it can positively affect people’s psychological state.
  7. Landscaping services conserve water. There is good water management for water features.

Why some businesses don't do commercial landscaping?

The biggest reason why some businesses don’t do landscaping in their yard is that they feel they will have less control over its design and appearance.

They can’t make changes easily, so they might not meet all of the requirements for what’s ideal in a space without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality with different plans available from architects.

The downfalls are there if this isn’t done right at first – like any project, but these issues will be resolved as soon as they arise because most people who do projects on their commercial space don’t want anything changed once work has begun.

Some people might think that a new lawn or lawn maintenance is an unnecessary cost and maintenance headache when building your dream house in the wooded areas. However, this can be seen as just one more thing for future businesses to take care of if they want their business space looking nice on top of everything else.

Landscaping is an investment in your home’s curb appeal and property values. It can be time-consuming to design a landscape that will look great for years, but if you’re willing to take the extra steps now then it’ll pay off when potential buyers are vying over which house they want more.

One of our top tips? Hire someone with experience who knows how important maintenance really becomes after installation, especially in San Diego to ensure the landscape continues to look pleasing to the eye.

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What is corporate landscaping?

Corporate landscaping is the practice of landscaping for corporate buildings and other types, such as shopping malls or hospitals in a professional manner.

The use cases are manyfold; everything from building retention programs to sustainability goals can be achieved with this service.

When considering the corporate landscape as a system of organization, it is important to understand that this entity consists not only in distinct and separate landscapes but also in the interconnectedness between them. In San Diego Landscaping and Synthetic Turf, we focus on commercial services and not home or Residential maintenance.

What is a landscaper called?

Lawn care, landscaping, or gardening are the common terms for what you might call a “landscaper”. Some plants require more maintenance than others and will thus have their own names too.

What's a fancy word for landscaping?

The fancy words for landscaping are:

  • Shrubbery 
  • Garden
  • Setting
  • Grounds
  • Lawn services
  • Parkland
  • gardens
  • Green
  • Greenery
  • Yard cleanup

What's the difference between a gardener and a landscaper?

The difference between a gardener and a landscaper is that one tends to focus more on the aesthetic value of their work, while others are more concerned with its functionality.

A lot of people think that landscaping and gardening are one and the same, but they actually couldn’t be more different.

Landscapers focus on designing landscapes while gardeners take care of plants for aesthetic purposes only- not to mention food production.

What is the difference between a landscaper and a landscape gardener?

It’s all about what you plant! A landscaper plants trees, shrubs, and flowers while a landscape gardener tends to the soil in order for its nutrients to reach maximum capacity.

Landscapes are more than just a pretty face, they’re also important for environmental reasons. A landscaper designs and installs your landscape while providing you with maintenance plans over time.

But if this is not in line with what’s needed then we can help. Our talented team has plenty of experience working on private properties as well commercial ones so let us get started right away- call today to set up an appointment where everything will be taken care of quickly without any hassle whatsoever. 

Categories of Landscape companies

Some landscaping companies operating within San Diego area are family-owned companies. The services of the family-owned company or other landscaping companies are similar. Some of the San Diego companies are:

  1. San Diego Landscaping and Synthetic Turf
  2. Benchmark landscape
  3. Juniper landscape company

Dave Suda landscape
San Diego Landscaping and Synthetic Turf create a beautiful environment for all their landscape construction. Contact us today.

Why do businesses use Landscape Design Services for their Commercial Properties?

When working on your landscape design, it’s important to have someone who knows what they are doing.

A professional landscaping service can tell you how large different trees and plants will be at maturity which allows for more accurate planning of the overall space as well.

A creative and innovative way to enhance your business is through the use of design. A professional will be able to take a proactive approach in identifying ways for you to maximize space while providing maximum functionality with their designs.

Landscaping not only looks great, but it also has many benefits. A professional landscaper should be able to help you determine how much your landscape project or landscape installation will cost. They will make sure that the value of your business property is increased with an efficient design plan for maximum return on investment.

Planning for Commercial Landscape Projects

You might think that hiring someone to do your professional commercial landscape designs is an easy decision, but there are many factors you need to consider before making this choice.

Think carefully about what features and designs will best suit the look of both the inside and outside space of your business in order to create something beautiful.

To make sure your commercial landscape project goes smoothly and without any hiccups, be sure to choose a service that takes an approachable and transparent posture.

Make sure to work with an experienced and qualified team. The kind of commercial landscape service that will be familiar working on commercial projects is ideal because these types often require more documentation or paperwork too.

A good contractor will be able to give you a written contract that spells out the details of their project:

  • Scope of work
  • Estimated costs
  • Method of payment
  • Estimated time for completion
  • Options for dispute resolution
  • Warranties

How San Diego Landscaping and Synthetic Turf Business Can Assist Your Landscaping Projects

San Diego Landscaping and Synthetic Turf is a professional full-service commercial landscape company.  We are based in San Diego Area, and we focus our services on the metro area and parts of California.

We want to ensure that your property and business are receiving the best service possible. Our professional commercial landscape designs can be seen in business communities, office parks, and shopping centers throughout San Diego region giving properties an edge over other buildings with their beauty unmatched by any other company out there.

San Diego Landscaping and Synthetic Turf can help you design a professional commercial landscape that is as pleasing to the eye, smell great, or feel comfortable on your feet. They have been in business for years.